Apple Carving, it’s the new thing

Apple Carving, it's the new thing

So, brother John and neighbor Laura were carving apples the other night. Super clever! It’s just like pumpkin carving only way faster and less messy. That night, I was suppose to go to a movie with a couple of my old roommates Emily and Katie, but we had a little fiasco. We purchased our tickets to the premier of the Haunted Swing, it’s a local film made by college students I believe. Sitting in the packed theater the manager came in to announce that they couldn’t get the movie to load in this theater, but they could in another, smaller theater. We decided not to join the stamped and settled for free movie tickets and pumpkin carving at Emily’s apartment. A group of people were already carving pumpkins and we joined with Washington apples gleaned with my very own hands. Love grandma’s house, there’s always free food. 😉


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