Christmas music before Thanksgiving? Nuh uh.

Where to start…  It’s been a decently eventful week, but what do you really want to hear about??

Ooh!  Let me brag about my brother.  Logan is a pretty incredible volleyball player.  I’m pretty sure I’m the annoying little sister that tags along to be part of the excitement, but honestly, truly, I love watching him play. He’s on a competitive intramural team at BYU-Idaho.  Go Thunder!  This picture was from his game on Friday.  It was a close game, they lost by a hair.  😦


Stake conference today was really incredible.  It amazes me how much I can learn and feel in one meeting.  I had a discussion with one of the ladies I work with a few days ago, we were talking about the General Relief Society Meeting.  She mentioned how, at this point in her life, when she goes to those meetings, it’s like her soul is thirsty.  She doesn’t watch the clock because there isn’t enough time to drink it all up.  I sort of felt that way today, thirsty.

The subject of marriage did come up, surprise at a Young Single Adult Stake Conference, I know.  President Marshall said something about how he worries that we’re too hesitant to talk openly about marriage and what we’re really looking for in a spouse.  And he said, make lists for yourself, not for them.  We need to be the kind of person we want to marry.

A few other snippets:

Monday for FHE we raked Brother Jensen’s leaves …in the dark.  Man, the sun goes down early these days.

Election Day on Tuesday!  We hand counted ballots this time, went home at 11:00 pm.  This one was nothing.

Registered for classes next semester.  I’ll be taking 1 out of my 5 remaining classes.  That’s it.  One.  4 in the Spring.  Graduation in July!

Bought some new boots yesterday at JC Penney, I think it’s worth mentioning, $50 is a huge investment! 😉  Found myself humming along to Christmas music playing in the mall.

Sunday night I didn’t get enough sleep, I stayed up ’til 12:30 am blogging.


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