The latest

Well, life has been pretty crazy the past month.  I guess that’s always how December is, right?

For starters, Thanksgiving weekend was so fun!  My cousin Seth came home from his mission on Wednesday.  We all met up at the airport in Idaho Falls to welcome him home and then we headed to grandma’s for the weekend in Soda Springs. We had so much fun playing the usuals: crud, nasty, hand and foot, etc.

I brought my guitar, which I don’t usually do.  Jenna, Megan, and I learned Skyscraper by Demi Lovato and sang it for the fam.  Definitely need to haul the guitar around more often.  I also brought the sheet music for a song called Blessings by Laura Story.  Turns out Megan knew the song too!  It’s a really pretty song about how our trials really are our blessings.  I sang it for everyone and Seth jokingly asked me if I would sing it in sacrament meeting the following week when he spoke, of course I said yes… jokingly!  Aunt Jill called a few days later and asked me if I really would play and sing it with Megan in sacrament meeting.  Yikes!  So, the next week we were in Wayan for the “homecoming” talk.  The meeting was incredible!  Two 17ish year-old pre-missionaries spoke and then Seth and in between were two musical numbers.  First Jenna played Silent Night on the harp, which was SOOOO beautiful.  Then Megs and I sang.  I was SO nervous!  My hands were shaking the whole time!  Mara sat next to me to turn the pages and she said she was tempted to put her arm around me but was worried that it would just make it worse.  Yikes!  Even though I was so nervous, I was so glad that I did it.  It gets easier every time I do it, right?  Seth’s talk was incredible!  Everyone was bawling!


The following week my dad had a work meeting in Maryland, so he headed off for the week.  His class ended on Thursday, and I dutifully flew out to Washington D.C. to escort him home.  Oh, and we spent a few days in D.C.  Oh, and Jade came down from Connecticut to spend the weekend with us.

It was pretty much freezing the entire time!  But it was fun anyway.  We stayed at the Residence Inn across the street from the Pentagon.  Yeeah! (Pronounced yay-uh)  We toured the Capital Building but couldn’t get tickets to tour the White House.  Saw all the usuals: Lincoln memorial, Jefferson memorial, WWII memorial, Korean memorial, Air & Space museum, Arlington Cemetery, D.C. temple, etc.  We took pictures outside the White House and guess what?!  The president’s motorcade went by!  …at least we think it was him …could have been someone else important … eh, we’ll stick with that.

Look! The White House!


On Saturday night we were tired and cold and it was raining, so we decided to see a movie.  We went to Saving Mr. Banks.  It was pretty good, it’s about how Mary Poppins came about.   Anyway, just as we were about to go into the theater Jade found this umbrella in the garbage and held it up for a picture.  A guy walking by asked her “did that just happen?” Tee hee.


We went to the Chevy Chase YSA ward on Sunday …I think my dad felt a little awkward.  But a couple of my FHE brothers are from D.C. and they said that I HAD to go to their ward.  After sacrament meeting they have a tradition that all the visitors introduce themselves to the ward.  I mentioned that Fred and Greg (my FHE bro’s) said to say hi and a lot of people nodded their head like they knew them.  What a small world!  We also talked to the missionaries for a minute, we asked if the knew Elder Stoor (cousin Seth) and what do you know?  One of them had been his companion.  Man!  It really is a small world!

The church building was really cool, we just had to take a picture in front of it!


My dad and I flew home last Monday and Jade came home on Wednesday.  She had booked her plane tickets before we planned the trip, otherwise we would have flown together. She’ll be home for a week and a half, then it’s back to Connecticut for more nannying.  It’s was a pretty exciting reunion for my mom and John who hadn’t seen her in 3 months.  Mom bought her this flower at the little gift shop in the airport.  We felt pretty cool until we looked around at everyone else’s giant bouquets.  Her’s was a little puny.



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