Today was beautiful…

Today was a day, a beautiful day, not perfect, but beautiful. Here’s why:
I spent the morning with my mom. Drove 30 minutes to a dental lab together, then snuck in a little speed shopping.
Had a wonderful day at work, saw some new faces and chatted with friends.
Visited a friend in the hospital, was reminded of how beautiful and fragile life truly is.
Read a blog post from one of my forever roll models about her crazy, cute kids, was reminded of the more important things.
Made small connections with friends in texts.
Spent an hour with family with nothing to entertain us except a campfire and conversation.
Said goodbye to a close friend, remembered how precious and truly rare good friendships are.
And that was just one day. Why did I have to write it down? Because I let myself forget that all of it happened. There are goods and bads in every day. Bads are too easy to remember. Goods are too easy to forget. I’m glad I remembered.


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